Online Event Solutions for LIS Professionals

  • V. Sriram Centre for Development Studies
Keywords: Web conference, Webinar, Online events, Information Technology for Librarianship, Communication technology, Video conference, Web talk


Technology has changed the way people learn, communicate, and conduct events. This article is about web conference and various similar tools, their features and uses. To avoid mix up between concepts like web conference, webinars, web meetings, web chats and so on, a more generic term “Online event” is used. An attempt is made to compare select online event tools in detail. Points to remember while selecting suitable tool are explained. The possibilities of putting these tools to use by library professionals are also discussed. A check list for library professionals on how to conduct online events and how to participate in them are also provided.


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Author Biography

V. Sriram, Centre for Development Studies

Chief Librarian, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695 011.


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