Trendy Librarians - The Quintessential Transformation

  • Dr. Fazlunnisa H. Department of Library & Information Science, University of Madras.
Keywords: Libraries, Virtual Libraries, Digital Libraries, Web 2.0 tools, Community hub


Changes in technology are influencing all sectors of human activity. The need for information and access to right information is vital in the digital environment. It is hence important for librarians to shift roles from being silent custodians to spirited catalysts. The libraries and librarians must adopt the changing technology in reaching out to the user community. This paper throws light on a few Web 2.0 tools and other emerging technologies that will guide the librarians of the future. Application of these tools is sure to bring about the transformation of libraries provided the library professionals take up the challenge of equipping themselves and assume the role of embedded librarians. The paper also attempts to establish the relevance of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan in the technology dominated library scenario.


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Author Biography

Dr. Fazlunnisa H., Department of Library & Information Science, University of Madras.

Assistant Professor